Secure your bitcoin.
Verify your transactions.
Protect your privacy.

Specter Desktop is FOSS free open source software under the MIT license.

It exists to empower you, to hold your own keys and follow self sovereign best practices.

Your Bitcoin node, on your hardware, paired with your signing devices, creating secure wallets for bitcoin self-custody.

Specter Desktop Add Device

Add your signing devices.

All common hardware wallets are supported: Specter DIY, Seedsigner, BitBox, Trezor, Keystone, Coldcard, Jade, Ledger, KeepKey.. the list keeps growing.

Coordinate secure wallets.

A multi-sig scheme offers a high degree of security, a single-sig cold storage wallet is safe for smaller amounts and convenient to operate.

Define your optimal set up and use Specter Desktop to coordinate the wallet best suited to your needs.

Specter Desktop Add New Wallet
bitcoin core

Run Bitcoin Core.

Leverage the powerful functionality of Bitcoin Core, the solid foundation for a secure set-up.

Rely on your own node to verify transactions and protect your privacy.

Get started fast!​

One click to install Bitcoin Core directly from Specter Desktop, get your node set up quickly.

Run Bitcoin Core as a pruned mode to conserve storage space.

Signing experience.

QR codes enable a fast and intuitive signing experience via PSBT. SD cards and USB connected devices are also supported.

Coin Control Features


Create, sign and broadcast transactions through Specter Desktop.

PSBTs (Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions) can be signed air-gapped via QR codes or SD card, or directly with USB connected signing devices.

Specter Send Transaction
Specter Receive Transaction


View all receive addresses to send funds to your wallets.

Verify your wallet receive addresses match across Specter Desktop and your signing devices. This can be done via QR code or directly with USB connected signing devices.

Optimise your transactions.

Fine tune each transaction for quick confirmation time or to minimize fees.

Specify a transaction fee and Specter Desktop will estimate the confirmation speed.

Add multiple recipients to one transaction.

Speed-up transactions with RBF (Replace-by-Fee).

Articles to Specter Liquid integration.

View the full history of incoming and outgoing transactions.

Label individual UTXO’s (Unspent Transaction Outputs).

Use the search function to find all matching labels or specific UTXO’s.

Order transactions by label, amount, date, confirmations or TxID.

Select coins for spending.

Use coin selection to spend from specific UTXO’s and control your onchain visibility.

Freeze or unfreeze specific UTXO’s to control sending and improve your onchain privacy.

Liquid Network

Liquid Network

Self-Custody Liquid assets.

Set up a Liquid Elements node from within Specter Desktop.

Create Multisig wallets with Specter DIY/Specter Shield and the Blockstream Jade to self-custody Liquid assets.

Create hot wallets (only recommended for testing and smaller amounts).

Confidential Transactions

Use confidential transactions on Liquid.

All transactions are blinded by default on Liquid, keeping sensitive data out of public view. Test how this can become part of your workflow.

Read more at Liquid.net >>

Plugins & Extensions


Swan Integration.

The integration enables auto withdrawals from a Swan account to be sent directly to your self-custody wallet. Stack with Swan and secure with Specter.

Sign up at Swan to support Specter development.

Keeping your XPub Private.

Specter reserves addresses for your Swan withdrawals and is keeping your wallet XPub private.

New Plugins & Extensions.

Further extensions are in development.
If you want to build an extension tool or service integration please contact Moritz.

Contact >>

Securely Connected

Specter Desktop In Use 2

Use Tor to protect your privacy.

Enable Tor to anonymize your connections. Use the built in quick setup or create a custom configuration.

Run Specter as a Tor hidden service and access your wallets securely from anywhere.

Securely access your wallets.

Add an extra layer of security and password protect your Specter wallets for remote access.

Connect to your node in a box.

As an alternative to a local Bitcoin Core instance, you can connect Specter Desktop to your MyNode, RoninDojo, Raspiblitz or Umbrel node package.

However, Specter is optimized to run locally alongside Bitcoin Core.

Wallet Backups


Backup your multi-sig.

Export a PDF Backup from Specter Desktop, it is recommended you keep this with each device/seed word back-up especially for multi-sig wallets.

Specter Backup File

Backup Specter wallet data.

Export Specter format creates a JSON file of an individual wallet with complete data including UTXO labels.

Specter Data Backup exports a .zip with your complete Specter Desktop configuration, this includes all signing devices and data of all wallets.

Import and export between apps.

Import wallets from Electrum, Fully-Noded, Sparrow Wallet or another Specter instance.

Export your Specter Desktop wallets and import them into other software.

Interoperable standards mean you are free to choose, and your funds are accessible also without Specter Desktop.

Scan for existing funds.

When importing an existing wallet, rescan the entire timechain for balances or specify a block height to scan from.

Rescan UTXOs to find only unspent transactions (especially useful when running a pruned node).

User Interface

Explore Bitcoin.

View the Bitcoin Whitepaper directly from the timechain from your full node.

Run the numbers and verify the total current mined supply of bitcoin.


Set the interface to your preferred language.

Make sats the standard and set Specter to show balances in sats or BTC.

View the bitcoin price in fiat currency.

Hide sensitive info with a quick access button.

Networks Supported.

Liquid, Testnet, Regtest and Signet are supported.

Learn More

Specter Desktop documentation.

View the Specter Desktop documentation for Instructions, Tips and Tricks, FAQ and more.

Docs >>

Join the Specter community.

Join our community on Telegram for support, questions, or head straight to github to open an issue or get involved.

Join >>


Free open source software.

Specter Desktop is free and open source software under the MIT Licence, this gives everyone the freedom to review and use the code.

Contribute to the tools we all use.

We have a developer community, please reach out to the team.

Join the many contributors who build, improve and maintain the tools we all use.

Github >>

Donate some sats.

Show your appreciation for the open source projects you use.

Donate >>

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