Specter Hardware

Open-source firmware
on trust minimized
signing devices.

Specter Firmware enables you to build your own trust minimized signing devices.

It is FOSS free open source software under the MIT license.

Open source firmware and off-the-shelf hardware, for trust minimized bitcoin self-custody.

Specter Firmware

Open source firmware for signing devices.

Specter Firmware >>
Specter Firmware

Firmware Features

Embit Library

Specter firmware uses our Embit bitcoin library. It is designed to run either with Python 3 on a PC or with MicroPython on embedded devices.

Liquid Support

Use Specter Hardware wallets in singlesig or multisig wallets for self custody of Liquid assets.

Intuitive Interaction

Interface optimized for a 4inch touch display.

Device Verification

Seed displayed after each pin entry verifies the device was not tampered with.

Secure Element

Removable smart cards store wallet seed and enable quick access to multiple wallets.


Use QR codes to stay completely offline.

QR Code Wallet Import

Scan QR code ti import wallet descriptor.

Store In Memory

Private keys can be stored locally in device memory.

Added Entropy

Use coin-flips to introduce extra randomness to key generation.

Key Generation

Securely generate seed words using the microcontrollers true random number generator.

Pin Generation

Lock device access with a pin.


Partially signed bitcoin transaction support.

Verify Addresses

Verify and export receive addresses.

Specter DIY

Very easy to build from off-the-shelf components to minimize supply chain risk.
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Specter DIY Barebones

Signing Device

The Specter DIY uses the STM Discovery Board and Waveshare QR Code Scanner to create a signing device purely from off-the-shelf components, minimizing supply-chain risks.


To remove the need for a built in secure element Specter DIY can be run in agnostic mode, seed words are deleted every time the device is powered off and re-imported with each use.

3D Printed Case

Case designed by Seedsigner. Purchase a case or 3D print your own.

Download >>


Developer Board

STM Discovery board (STM32F469I)

QR Code Scanner

Waveshare Barcode Scanner

3D Printable Case

Barebones case designed by Seedsigner

Specter Barebones Exploded

Specter Shield

Open Source Extension board with QR Code Scanner, Battery and Smart Card Reader.
Order Specter Shield >>

Optimized Usability

The Specter Shield extension board combined with the STM Discovery Board enables full functionality of the Specter Firmware.

With integrated QR code scanner, battery and Smart Cards it provides an optimized user experience.

Smart Card Reader

Smart Cards are an alternative to a secure element, secrets stored on the card leave the device stateless. Your funds are secure and quickly accessible.

3D Printed Case

Case designed by Geometrick. Purchase a case or 3D print your own.

Download >>


Developer Board

STM Discovery board (STM32F469I)


1400 mAh 3.7v

Specter Shield

QR code scanner
Smart card Reader

Smart Card

NXP J3H145 Dual Interface Java card

3D Printable Case

Designed by Specter & Geometrick

Specter Signer In Use

Specter Signer Comparison

4" Touch Display

True random number generation + coin flip added randomness

Smart Card Secure Element

Agnostic mode

Airgapped PSBT QR Code Operation

Liquid support

Integrated Battery

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