Specter Enterprise

The secure Bitcoin & Liquid asset self-custody solution for enterprise.
Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction.

Remove the friction of the traditional payment provider infrastructure and allow your customers and your business to access the Bitcoin network.

Global Market

Global Market Access.

Receive payments from any market and make payments to business partners or clients anywhere in the world.


Continuity & Privacy.

In todays reality of financial repression, regulatory uncertainty and surveillance capitalism, your operations need to be independent and in your control.


Security First.

Specter is developed by security experts focused on providing technology according to industry best practices.

User Experience

User Experience.

Specter offers a smooth user experience and allows for a flexible and seamless integration into existing systems and userflows.

Future Proof

Future Proof.

Our Bitcoin-only approach allows us to work on the cutting-edge and adopt the most up-to-date developments in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Thank You to our Partners

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